Bank Notes and Shinplasters: The Rage for Paper Money in the Early Republic (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2020). Order at Penn Press or Order at Amazon



Advocating the Man: Masculinity, Organized Labor, and the Household in New York, 1800-1840 (Columbia University Press, 2009).  Read Free e-book                                                    Buy Hardcover from Amazon


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“The Era of Shinplasters: Making Sense of Unregulated Paper Money” in Brian P. Luskey and Wendy A. Woloson eds., Capitalism by Gaslight: Illuminating the Economy of Nineteenth- Century America (U Penn Press, 2015). Buy from Amazon



“Radicalism in the Age of Jackson,” in Sean Adams, ed., A Companion to the Era of Andrew Jackson (Wiley-Blackwell, 2013). Access/Purchase at Wiley Online Library



“‘Powerful—Very Powerful is the Parental Feeling’: Fatherhood, Domestic Politics, and the New York City Working Men’s Party,” Early American Studies (Spring, 2004).           Read Article